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The Big 4 Heresies?

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If asked to choose 4 heresies that destroy people, Christian theologists would probably often pick a different list. Probably denying the Holy Trinity in terms of destroying souls would be on the list, and that is certainly one of the big destroyers of human souls, but here I want to deal with 4 sins that are widespread destroyers of souls across the Protestant / Catholic / Orthodox scene.


My 4 choices are (press links)


1) False Gospels

2) Fake Bibles.

3) Murder 

a) killing in wars,

b) abortion,

c) euthanasia,

d) premeditated killing even in self defence. 

4) Adultery and fornication - especially regarding divorce and remarriage.

Let us get this clear - I am stating clearly as a teacher of the bible I deserve nothing but Hell if I teach things that are too strict concerning war and divorce. The same is true however for those who preach laxity.

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