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​Some are Universalists


Some are Universalists!

After research this heresy does not seem to be prevalent among the Orthodox, only a few of them perhaps are Universal reconciliationists. Obviously I cannot conduct a survey on it!

called by them when of a particular form Apokatastasis   - is the heretical teaching of many in the Orthodox church that everyone will, in the end, be saved, also called universalism. The heresy was perhaps learnt from  Zoroastrianism. .( apocatastasis, )

for proof see:

As you will see from this quotation taken from the article, one form of Universalism preached by Origen has been declared anathema by Orthodoxy, quote:

If anyone shall say that all reasonable beings will one day be united in one, when the hypostases as well as the numbers and the bodies shall have disappeared, and that the knowledge of the world to come will carry with it the ruin of the worlds, and the rejection of bodies as also the abolition of [all] names, and that there shall be finally an identity of the γνῶσις and of the hypostasis; moreover, that in this pretended apocatastasis, spirits only will continue to exist, as it was in the feigned pre-existence: let him be anathema. (Fourteenth anathema against Origen)2 .

This is low down on the list of heresies as statistics on how many believe it cannot be obtained. If Orthodoxy is supposedly against all forms of it, why do they not utterly repudiate those among them who add this heresy to the already heretical widespread Orthodox belief that the fires of Hell are just a metaphor for being "tormented" by God loving you.

The repudiation of a form of this heresy preached by Origen, calling for those who believe it to be anathema makes the belief unlikely to be widespread in Orthodoxy.

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