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​113) Uniforms, -  crowns, mitres



They invent another name "vestments" in order to differentiate them from all other uniforms, but really that is what they amount to. By calling them vestments they do all sorts of rites and rituals over them to "bless" them, and the sacrilegious  rites they perform while in them then look more credible. 

Never take uniforms other than very seriously. They are a deadly heresy! Found nowhere in the new testament they were designed in Hell, based on things like Dagon worship, to make Catholics "look" like some kind of clergy, when they are more like religious clowns.

Plenty of evidence these fancifully designed uniforms of human origin are linked with Dagon worship, and other heathen religious uniforms, and with the talmud.

I asked Orthodox preachers what they based their vestment designs on. They all told me the peculiar items of clothing were all based on fashion designs used in the Roman Empire, and that even included Orthodox Bishops crowns. I am pacifist. To me Constantine and all Emperors whether Byzantine and Roman were murderers, thus my statement based on the murderous Roman Empire fashions.

For me the two worst are

1) Crowns on bishops (preposterous)

2) Long robes (the identifying pride factor of the Pharisees)

The strange tradition of "Crowning" in marriages - probably was  invented by their Pharisee leaders as an excuse for them wearing gold braid crowns all the time, so they can say "Are we not  all crowned when we marry?"

old version

113) Uniforms, crowns, mitres . one answer I was given by an Orthodox believer is that you can buy these crowns second hand on Ebay, and that they are only moderately expensive, and sometimes amount to only "bling" golden artifacts and crowns, not always real gold, only sometimes. I am not sure how the Orthodoxy faithful would react if they knew "the holy artifacts" are in fact often a chintzy show of tacky cheap imitations.    ( churchianity ) ( authority ) ( sin )

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