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84)  Long haired priests / Gurus



84) Priests, Bishops and monks having long hair - this is also technically a prayer error (head covering issues), but is an example of a sin that is not "a work of the flesh" that is to which damnation is promised.  Priest and monks have long hair to imitate gurus and bring "eastern" peoples into the faith, but the new covenant law forbids long hair on men, calling it a "shame". Having long hair is not a work of the flesh, but the church strategy to imitate gurus to spiritually seduce Eastern converts into their religion is. Their hair is tied back to stop them looking like the vain creatures they really are.

Men praying with their heads covered might be covered here, or as another error. Preaching with a head covered is not forbidden to men, but praying or prophesying is. Not sure what they believe about head coverings and doing an "anathema ceremony" which does not exist in scripture, it is voodoo.


^^^Beards and the clergy - so what are they actually saying? Only the clergy should have beards, or all Orthodox men? And is the old covenant law on beards still here, including not trimming the edges?  It might be interesting to find out how many bishops of Rome had beards before the 1054 split. It is part of Messianic Judaism to keep these beard laws when the new testament calls the old law done away (2 Cor 3), and an emphasis on how the Orthodox have never understood the covenants of God.  ( gurus ) ( LAW )  ​( inverse Babylonization ) 

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