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​​​155) Visitation Forgiveness


​​​155) Visitation forgiveness.

was one of the burdens of the old testament law, as was the continual visitations to Jerusalem to keep feasts.

As it just about crushes the need to visit priests for confession, the Orthodox prefer to deny Jesus died to wash away our sins on Calvary. This is the way God chose to take away sin, it was not that he was not free to do otherwise (the Orthodox false accusation against Protestants is that we say it was "they only way" God could do it.) it was simply the way God chose.

Burden of the Law. - visitations for forgiveness.

One of the great burdens of the old testament law was that to have your sins forgiven you had to travel once a year all the way to Jerusalem for the ceremony. The "once for all" sacrifice of Christ takes that away. In the true faith forgiveness of sins takes place on repentance, between you and God, any time any where! The Orthodox say your sin is being forgiven via their confessional, that the Orthodox mass is a repeat sacrifice, and ties you again into a new testament "burden of the law" that in fact is not part of the Faith at all. It is also used to keep people locked into the false Faith of Orthodoxy by a guilt complex over a litany of embarrassing things they confessed to priests, keeping them in the same bondage the Babylonian religion did, who also had confession to priests.

This is only one aspect of them reanimating dead Old Covenant law in a warped pseudo-christianization of it.

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