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   145) Religious Colonialism

    and land buying / grabbing.


Religious Colonialism & land buying / grabbing.

At least 3 separate issues here

1) Is it right for a religion (like Romanism allso) to adopt a deliberate tactic of land buying, ironically with the donated money of its own population, this a deliberate aim in mind of a religious/political take over? To increase its power.

2) Is it right to have a strategy of land buying even if you deny the Constantinian shift aspect to it.

3) Are they land buying on such a vast scale in Greece because they make so much money from itin their funeral / grave site defrauding of the Greek people?

145) Religious Colonialism by land buying.


The church is the second-largest landowner in Greece, after the state, with about 130,000 hectares. 

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