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80a) Giving your daughter in marriage

        (without her consent)


Giving your daughter in marriage

        (without her consent)

When Mary Queen of Scots was 2 years old,  also called Bloody Mary because of all the Protestants she burned alive, Henry VIIIth of England and his wife Catherine of Aragon, betrothed the toddler Mary to the Dauphin, the heir to the throne of France.

this is described in the documentary "Mary I - Bloody Mary" from the TV series "Timeline" written and narrated by the historian Prof David Starkey


We have then here two Catholic heresies:

1) Child engagement / marriage

2) Marriage forced without consent.

I have to research this but I think I will find the same heresies practiced by the Eastern Orthodox, and other Orthodox churches like the Oriental Orthodox. This makes an interesting comparison with the heresy of infant triple baptism and Catholic infant sprinkling, when the bible says "believe and be baptized" and that baptism is for those who also both repent and understand repentance.

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