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204) Orthodoxy and the Sabbath

Sabbath and Orthodoxy - it is a common error that the Sabbath was moved onto Sunday by Jesus, but the correct doctrine is there is no sabbath day in the new and better covenant where work is banned, rather just as the feasts are spiritualised, so the sabbath becomes an eternal day of rest earned by Christ for the believer in Paradise (Hebrews 4). The true view of the sabbath is therefore inextricably linked with salvation in Christ alone. I am presently finding the teachings of Orthodoxy a little vague on this subject, some calling Sunday a "mini-sabbath". I cannot comment further at present except to say they definitely deny the spiritual eternal sabbath earned by Christ alone.

Sunday is however described in Revelation chapter 1 as "The Lord's Day" and is a special Day, which, according to Romans 14 the believer is free to keep as such or not, nevertheless Sunday is not a sabbath.

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