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110) Relationships - Mary 

   and saints (spiritism)


110) A Personal relationship Mary and saints ......with skeletons (dead unresurrected "people") spiritism. ( idolatry ) ( sin )  ( spiritism ) 

The Eastern Orthodox church members think they have a personal relationship with Mary (and dead saints, or people), even though she is dead, her body is still on Earth, and there is no indication in the bible she has been resurrected yet. Such false relationships are therefore a form of spiritism.

Ther view of saints is wrong, as scripture teaches all believers are called to be saints. Thus they differentiate by saying they have personal prayer relationships with Marry, those they perceive as saints, and other people, like dead hermits, pillarists and the like. The reality is that the practice is like spiritism, where spiritists relay messages from no one, as they are in contact with non of the deceased, or even that they are communicating with a demon spirit, or even hoards of demon spirits.

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