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Top 80 Orthodox Heresies


TOP 80:   10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.

71) They commit Adultery by misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as post marital adultery and a legitimate reason to divorce and remarry


72) They commit Adultery by the rule of "economy" (oikonomia)


​73) Adultery by "He causes her to commit adultery".


74) No marriage vows -


​75) Adultery justified under Antinomianism


76) That Marriage is a sacrament.


​77) Invested Authority to marry a couple:


​78) They do not properly teach to keep virginity before marriage.


79) Celibacy of the clergy: (this is actually very serious error)


80) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula  - sexism.

80 a) Giving your daughter in marriage without choice on her part. No emancipation for over 1,000 years is a serious point to prove Orthodoxy false. However at the present time I cannot prove they did "give their daughters in marriage" in a way similar to the Muslims and Roman Catholics (but I feel pretty sure they did).

80 b) RESEARCH - did the Orthodox ever execute adulterers? Henry VIII and Calvin believed in doing this, never grasping John 8:7.

80 c) Unbiblical annulments of marriages (like Catholicism) ?

80 d) Marrying a non Christian. (see link) .

80 e) Baby or toddler or Child engagement / marriages

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