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​123) Denial of the ICHTHUS Church,

or true church in hiding


Prophecy of the true Church in Hiding .

In Revelation chapter 12 we have God clearly telling us that the real church is forced into hiding. Believe The Word of God! The woman in Revelation Chapter 12 is clearly Israel (sun, moon and stars = Israel in the dreams of Joseph) and Jesus the man child comes out of Israel and ascends into heaven. However if you read Romans 11 it is the church that is spiritual Israel at this point in history, after the resurrection of Christ and the sealing of the new and better covenant. The woman, the church, spiritual Israel, the Bride of Christ, is then out in the wilderness persecuted by the Devil. The Earth helps the woman. The question is how long does this hiding in the wilderness last? The Catholics and the Orthodox freely admit the early church went into hiding under the ICHTHUS symbol (!= Jesus, CH = Christ, TH = God, U = Son, S = Saviour) but they will not believe this could have been extended longer than that when their ancestors, the sacerdotalist heretics, persecuted the real Christians who said Constantine was the sinner he really was, and their eucharist rituals amounted to a cheap magic trick that was nothing but witchcraft.


It is pretty obvious what the Ichthus symbol represented. The fish sign that represented "Jesus. Christ. God. Son. Saviour" was a secret symbol used by Christians hiding from persecution in the first few centuries Anno Domini. Well.... the Orthodox freely admit the true church was in hiding then because they falsely claim it was them when it was not.

The ICHTHUS period of the church proves the Catholics and Orthodox preach a false gospel, as it stands for Jesus. Christ. God. Son. SAVIOUR and the believe Jesus is a Semi Saviour, proving they were not the Early Christians,

However the Orthodox utterly deny all possibility the exact same thing could have happened later on, when they (the murderous sacerdotalist heretics) gained power with their antichrist leader Emperor Constantine! They even admit around that time they cut out Gregory of Nyssa's tongue and chopped off his hand for getting a doctrine "wrong" then later changing their minds and saying he was right! That is how violent they were, and that kind of persecution is why the real church was in hiding then too, and why their footprint on history was so low in archaeological and documented form.

note: In the so called "Dark Ages" very little history was being written because one heathen tribe after another were running across borders and raping and pillaging whole countries, just as The Roman Empire had taught them too! Then the Orthodox and Catholics have the gaul to say they can prove there were not real Evangelical Christians around! 

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123) Denial of the true church in hiding - soon the 666 mark will come out, and probably after 3 and 1/2 years ostracized from society a death penalty will be introduced by the antichrist made law, and the true church must then hide. The Orthodox will not accept that the early church of pacifists simply hid from persecution, and thus their footprint on early historical archaeological evidence is low. Ironically the history record does show the sacerdotalist heretics like the Orthodox and Catholics were very vicious and violent, like Gregory of Nyssa having a hand chopped off and his tongue cut out, yet the Orthodox claim they are pacifist and live in denial about real Christians simply hiding from persecution, often under the Ichthus symbol. Yet in Russia when Old Believers were being imprisoned and even executed for not doing the sign of the cross "the new way" along with other minor issue, they did simply hide in the wilderness, such as Agafia and her family.

The Eastern Orthodox agree that the true church was often forced into hiding by Roman and Jewish persecution in the first century, but totally deny any such thing could have happened at the time of Emperor Constantine, when the sacerdotalist heretics like the Orthodox persecuted the Evangelicals.

Is Revelation 12 a prophecy of the church in hiding?

In Revelation a man child is taken up from a woman matching the description of Israel in the dreams of the prophet Joseph. The man child many people say represents Jesus. At what point in history was he taken up into heaven? At the point after the church replaces Israel as Spiritual Israel, made up of many nations (see Romans 11). After Jesus ascends into heaven the true church? (spiritual Israel) is hiding out in the wilderness, attacked by Satan, but is saved from the attack by God. Is it possible this is a two edged prophecy by God?

1) The church in hiding for many hundreds of years, persecuted by the Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims if they came out of hiding in the wilderness.

2) The church in the end times in the wilderness for three and a half years, perhaps avoiding a precursor of the 666 mark, before the death penalty arrives.

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