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​119) False new identity.


This practice is based on the fact Saul was given the new name Paul. Does that mean we all get a new name when baptized? It is a cute personalisation practice that will be appealing to many, but that does not make it some kind of rule. It is therefore another example of seducing you into their bogus religion with acts of personalisation this time, to use your natural desire to express your identity against you for your own destruction. Very cunning and cynical of them, and showing a deep understanding of human psychology and personal needs.

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Because Saul was called Paul after conversion does not mean everyone in the Faith should be given a new name. If so what was the "new name" of Jesus after baptism. It is very cunning psychology to do this as the convert feels they have a way to personalise their new fake religion. 

119) False new identity .   when triple baptized into Orthodoxy the person is given a new name, and is given a personal patron saint, so they can calendarize your life on a personal level. A name day is the day on which an Orthodox Christian celebrates the feast of his patron saint. ( indoctrination ) ( sin )

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