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124) Deliberately Clouding of "The Weightier matters of the Law"


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124) Deliberately Clouding "The Weightier matters of the Law"


The way the Orthodox keep their victims (converts) in a state of perpetual confusion, and thus they stay still trapped in their false church, is to make big issues into nothing, and little things into big deal. The hand position you do the sign of the cross with is considered so important that people were literally KILLED in Russia when they would not accept the new easier hand position to do the sign of the cross with, and a few other minor issues relating to their liturgis etc, but pon the other hand if you want to commit adultery by divorcing and remarrying, deny Hell, or go even further and be a Universal Reconciliationist, then that's trivial in comparison. Thus the convert stays in a perpetual state of doublethink, and keeps giving the priests their donations.

Jesus mentioned the issue of making light of quote "weightier matters of the law", in Matthew 23. He said that it is a sin that characterizes pharisees. They would make up rules and regulations about washing pots, or giving a tenth of your salt and pepper, to be strictly obeyed, then make light of things like Judgement, Mercy and Truth.  The Orthodox for instance make issues relating to the Filioque of vast importance. This is related to the topic of them refusing to recognize that in several places the bible identifies serious sins called "the works of the flesh". 

- there is such a thing as "the law of the new covenant' (Gal 6:2) in opposition to the old (done away) Law of Moses. The new law has its centerpiece the "Two Commandments" and the old law had for its centerpiece the 10 Commandments. To hide their heresy the Pharisees of the Eastern Orthodox Church deliberately cloud the issue of what the weightier matters of the Law are, more minor issues like the position of the hand in the bogus sign of the cross, and The Filioque are relatively minor in comparison to adulterous remarriage, war (murder) and adding works to actual salvation as a root not a fruit. One should still teach "the least of these commandments" (Matthew 5:19) but they are not on the same level as "the fruit of the Spirit" (positive) or "the works of the flesh" (negative).

note: this heresy is inextricably linked to the heresy of denying the existence of "the works of the flesh" from more minor issues like eating black pudding, men with long hair, etc, but is distinctly a diverse heresy of subterfuge in itself. 

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