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Top 190 Orthodox Heresies.


TOP 190.

​181) Monasteries and Nunneries


​182) Mongrel OrthodoxyHank Hanegraaff and the Fifty Fifty Cult idea of melding Evangelicalism with Orthodoxy (they leave him to it)


​183Evolutionism is taught by many . 


184) Homosexuality is accepted by many as "biblical" 


185) Very Low Corruption Perception Index .


186) Highjacking theology - they quote things that utterly refute them as if  supporting them in order to deliberately confuse people.


187) Not clear enough on abortion


188) They clergy are do-nothings. They help almost no one much at all.


189) They actively  suppress Evangelism. They breed converts instead of Evangelizing -  - the Orthodox "Christian" Putin has banned Evangelism in Russia (fined or imprisoned), and the Orthodox are glad as they breed converts.

190) Their clergy are liars .

**) Sabbath issue (Orthodoxy may be clear on this)

**) Protestants do not have one single Church - Protestant do have one church, defined by "all who are born again". The denominations we have are simply open and honest about divisions. Orthodoxy are dishonest about it. They have supermassive divisions but try to present a facade of "one chummy united church". They have almost as many splits as

**) Did Orthodoxy spawn Mormonism?


**) ​Living in denial over works of Supererogation.

**) They are Antinomianists in many respects.

***) All children and babies who die are saved :

Calvinists, go get around the already obnoxious heresy they profess of God making billions to burn in Hell, say "All babies and children who die are saved". This is also the view of Orthodoxy. It would mean that by murdering his own children Joseph Goebbels assured them of eternal life. The thought that any of them would be damned is obnoxious to us all including me. However there is one alternative missing from the Orthodox theology as they are Amillennialist - and that is that babies and children will go into the Millennium Kingdom where I presume they will have a perhaps higher chance of salvation as they are ruled over by Christ and it seems their life span will once again be similar to Methusaleh.  

Funerals of children :

The Prayer of Absolution is not read in the Funeral for a Child (a special funeral used for children under the age of seven), since such young children are not generally held to be morally responsible for their sins, but is replaced by the following prayer:


O Lord, Who guardest little children in this present life, and hast prepared for them in the life which is to come a spacious place, even Abraham's bosom, and angelic abodes brightly radiant which befit their purity, wherein the souls of the righteous dwell: Do Thou, the same Lord Christ, receive the soul of Thy servant, the child, N., with peace. For thou hast said: Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. For unto Thee are due all glory, honour and worship, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now, and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.[3]:433–4

^^) They give communion to people who divorce and remarry even 2 or 3 times.


**) Giving your daughter in marriage (cannot presently prove this): Until more recent times, the Orthodox had a history of forced marriages. Emancipation was not "a tradition" quite the opposite. In a biblical true new covenant marriage a woman chooses her own husband.  If their faith was really the true church they would not have had this anachronism, The Orthodox say their traditions are simply right. This would be a clear wrong one. They want to sweep about 1,500 years of getting it wrong under the carpet and pretend it never occurred. If their faith was real the fight for female emancipation would never have had to be fought in all Orthodox countries - but the opposite is the case.

**) heresy on the meaning of "Begotten" ???

personal research note:

The Athanasian Creed recognized the Hypostatic Union doctrine and affirmed its importance, stating that "He is God from the essence of the Father, begotten before time; and he is human from the essence of his mother, born in time; completely God, completely human, with a rational soul and human flesh; equal to the Father as regards divinity, less than the Father as regards humanity. Although he is God and human, yet Christ is not two, but one. He is one, however, not by his divinity being turned into flesh, but by God's taking humanity to himself. He is one, certainly not by the blending of his essence, but by the unity of his person. For just as one human is both rational soul and flesh, so too the one Christ is both God and human."

research Orthodox total commitment to "begotten" relating to an event outside of time, but nevertheless an event, as if Jesus was made from the "substance" of the Father but outside of time (a complex debate). And not that begotten could possibly mean "the only revealed Son" that is begotten can mean "bring forth" and whereas we are born again in the here and now inside of time, some believe Jesus (as he is the only eternal Son), is "begotten" because this was revealed to humanity as such in a point in time, that the interpretation is that he is the "only revealed Son of God" as only he is Eternally The Son thus the only one possibly revealed as such. "Begotten before time" and "He is God from the essence of the Father," makes it sound like an event, as if he is "made out of God the Father" rather than as he is in Trinity eternally. I have no commitment yet on the precise meaning of "begotten" except to say I definitely believe Jesus is eternally the Son, and that if one was to say "Jesus was brought out of God the Father, in an event outside of time" that just sounds like a modified creation of Christ heresy.

**) Men covering their heads in prayer - indeed also that long hair IS a covering

**) Killing people by accusing them of being werewolves or vampires, and persecution of witches.


193) No work on Sunday??  - Like the 1689 Baptists Catholics say you should not work on Sunday, except for a few exceptions they make, like perhaps doctors on call, or workers in an electrical power-plant etc. The Orthodox are more cagey on this and I have yet to extract a definitive answer. The (erroneous) doctrine is in effect treating Sunday as a "new sabbath" but less draconian. The Christian sabbath is eternal (Hebrews 4) earned for believers by Christ. But if Catholics "always" had the Sunday sabbath doctrine, or vice versa, when did who fall away from their pre 1054 "unity"???

old list - double check this

TOP 190.

181) Female deacons, nuns, abbesses etc, justified partly by their false believe several females they see as saints were "equal to the apostles".  Women were anointed by the Spirit at Pentecost. that does not however mean they are to be deacons.

182) Liturgy and restriction of languages - Liturgies and "services" prior to the 9th century were in Greek only, the Catholics claim Latin (perhaps a division in the Empire halves, or.... someone among them is lying) only later other specific languages were introduced. This is worth researching as if its true two distinct languages were used it almost inevitably was a sign a rift would occur by 1054.

183) Sycophancy to political figures, kings and queens.

This sin has pervaded their faith to saturation level, from the days of the mass murderer Emperor Constantine, to the fawning of modern day Russians toward President Vladimir Putin. It is deadly heresy, as it is not the fulfilment of Romans 13 in that it does not so much recognize figures like Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar etc can be used by God just as the Assyrian were in Isaiah 10, but rather exalts these political figures to the level of David, Samson, Gideon or Joshua, which they never are.

184) Evolutionism is taught by many (under pressure from the state) they are cowards in the face of secular persecution. They are not put in their place for this and repudiated and disciplined. Chi;dren are being indoctrinated with illogical pseudoscience. 

185) Homosexuality is accepted by many as "biblical" (under pressure from the state ) some of their bishops are cowards in the face of secular persecution, and are not being reprimanded and put in their place. 


186) Council of Ephesus 430 Canon 6 decreed deposition from clerical office or excommunication for those who did not accept the Council's decrees.

187) Fake Relics used to look credible

TOP 10 Fake Relics:

188) Fake religious sites used to look credible -

TOP 10 Fake Religious Sites:

189) Sorcery or Witchcraft practices -

TOP 10 witchcraft practices:

190) Monasteries and Nunneries - There are no monasteries full of monks in the bible. The whole idea is absurd.

TOP 10 Monastic Deceptions:

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