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​111) Giving toddlers alcohol


​111) Giving toddlers alcohol,

The error lies in that there is not one example in scripture of little toddlers taking communion, and they may have invented the human tradition of feeding wine and bread together on a spoon to stop toddlers choking on dry bread (?). but also patronising the "laity" who may tread on the crumbs (each crumb being Jesus) whereas the priests have their own ceremony were they take the communion in to parts not both on one spoon.

There is much debate over whether giving tastes of alcohol at young ages leads to increased risk of alcohol addiction later on (as opposed to the psychological effects of forbidding alcohol to teens). However there is no evidence holy communion was given to toddlers, and not only that there seems to be evidence that if taking communion unworthily (or riddled with bad cynical attitudes) can lead to judgement from God, then does that imply it should only be taken by those who have reached the age of accountability??? The debate continues...

Could this have anything to do with the massive alcohol problem in Russia?

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