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90)  The descent into Hell of Christ


90) The descent into Hell of Christ, between his burial and resurrection (superfluous add on doctrine).

To keep the so called Catholic Faith and be saved, you must believe their view of the "descent into  Hell." It seem to me they are actually adding this into their "process of salvation" but it needs more clarification about how many of them would say that. This difficult and convoluted subject is definitely (stress definitely) not to be added into the simplicity of the "Jesus Saves Gospel" though it occurs between the death and resurrection periods.

In the Protestant Faith there are references to this, but several entirely different interpretations about what "he descended into Hell" means. It includes sometimes the concept that Christ supposedly preached the gospel (before it was even completed) to those who died in the time of Noah, as if it was a "second chance for salvation". (salvation )

Notably on the topic it is believed by many Protestants Jesus did not preach in Hell to those who died at the time of Noah, but, rather, that Jesus anointed Noah to preach at the time the Ark was being prepared.

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