The Orthodox Church in America

           a Puppet of Russia.

Post-reconciliation schism:

Critics of the reunification argue that "the hierarchy in Moscow still has not properly addressed the issue of KGB infiltration of the church hierarchy during the Soviet period."

( so.... you are potentially confessing

your sins to the KGB / FSB or FSS in America,

as Russian rules over the USA church jurisdiction in Orthodoxy!!)

Founded in 1794 — Granted Autocephaly in 1970 by Russia  -  denied autocephaly by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

see Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia [c]

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​79) Celibacy of the clergy

​79) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism, Married clergy cannot remarry after death of  the spouse: a further heresy, and the widow of a priest cannot remarry but becomes a celibate , Clergy Widow and widowers cannot remarry.

These really are serious heresies. "Forbidding to remarry" true is not the same as "forbidding to marry" (called a doctrine of devils in 1 Timothy 4) but when a spouse is dead and you forbid to remarry I think its much the same draconian life ruining thing, especially if you fall in love. However it is as it were a sort of moot point as it applies only to Orthodox clergy, and one should not be in that ministry in the first instance.

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