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​64) Ordination,


64) Ordination - linked to the heresy of Apostolic succession, yet in itself a separate heresy, you cannot be a church minister in Orthodoxy except through rituals, rites  performed by their inner circle (similar to freemasonry). As you cannot be saved without these fake priests, "salvation power" is supposed to be a passed down power, and a teacher cannot in their view simply be brought forward through the Holy Spirit, you must have "churchianity credentials".

If God draws and converts a soul he wishes to preach revival in a backslidden area or nation, he is a minister of God by simply his spiritual maturity and anointing of God, he does not have to be "ordained" by the very sinners who need revival and sermons preaching to.  ( people )  ( sacerdotal ) ( salvation )

really this should be in the "proofs of false gospel" list, but there are so many proofs they run outside of groups of 10.

***)  Ordination gives Authority to teach - rather The Holy Spirit as our personal guide and teacher (Protestant / Evangelical) versus ordination.  ( authority ) ( LAW ) 

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