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71) They commit Adultery by remarriage


They commit Adultery

by divorce and remarriage, in that they misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as including postmarital adultery and a legitimate reason to divorce and remarry: The KJV interprets it correctly as "fornication" a premarital sin, the clearest case being claiming you are a virgin when you are not, discovered between the wedding ceremony and marriage bed before consummation. The context of the word entirely cancels out ant possibility Jesus means you can divorce and remarry for adultery, as a person divorcing and remarrying with all the secular legal paperwork for both remarriage and divorce is still "committing adultery" proving adultery does not break the marriage bond. Interpreting the word "porneia" in this context as including "postmarital adultery" calls Jesus a liar in Mark and Luke. The Catholics have this right, the word means "fornication" such as a woman claiming she is a maiden and has VD sores on the marriage bed clearly visible, or is pregnant. 

Modern Protestant heresy .

Modern Protestant also commit this sin. The false Alexandrian bibles, that underpin the modern versions like the NIV, have a money maker behind them, Rupert Murdoch, who never cared that the bible was interpreted properly, bringing in the false interpretation of Matt 5:32, that the Catholics and the KJV rightly translate "fornication". This has caused a tidal wave of adulterous remarriages among Protestants, to their damnation, which as a Protestant or Evangelical I find a very terrible situation. 

71) They commit Adultery by misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as post marital adultery and a legitimate reason to divorce and remarry:  It is in fact polygamy or bigamy to do this.

a) "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 misinterpreted as also including post marital adultery.


The Catholics on the other hand rightly state it is impossible in context that this word includes postmarital adultery, and means fornication, example: such as a woman who claims to be a maiden discovered not to be before consummation on the marriage bed.

Catholics refuse communion to divorcees who remarry, the Orthodox do not.

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