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116) Extraneous baptismal requirements 

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partly this subject is yet another for proving their false gospel and "process of salvation"

116) Extraneous baptismal requirements / doctrines :  (must believe heresy, and an avalanche of more insignificant doctrines "what doth now prevent me?") eg harrowing of hell and deny filioque .   ( doctrine ) ( salvation )

In order to be baptized into Orthodoxy as a new proselyte a person must in effect "pass the Orthodoxy test" and jump through a plethora of doctrinal hoops, and prove your subjugation to their bogus priests and bishops. In Acts 8 Philip baptized the Ethiopian on the grounds of belief in Christ.

The disallowing baptism on spurious grounds.

1) They have the heresy that John 3:5 is referring to water baptism, when it is not (see chapter 4 - water of the Spirit).


2) They say obedience in baptism is necessary for the salvation of converts.


3) They baptize babies.


4) The entire ritual of triple baptism, exorcism etc is unbiblical.


5) Unless you have had an exorcism you cannot be saved, both preposterous and indeed blasphemous.


6) To add to this error they will not baptize a new convert unless he submits to a plethora of false teachings by Orthodoxy. If they were right that we are saved via baptismal priestcraft  (they are not right) then compounding the heresy by supposedly refusing someone the new rebirth by adding superfluous baptismal qualifications to the process effectively means the priests withholding salvation from people until they jump through Orthodox doctrinal hoops first...... however they are wrong from the very beginning, as baptism is not part of the gospel that saves, it is only a showing forth in a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus, ne of two true sacraments, not necessary for salvation, as salvation is entirely by grace through Faith in Christ alone.


7) In Acts 8 Philip immediately baptized the Ethiopian who believed, he did not put him through a quiz about the werd doctrines of modern Eastern Orthodoxy.

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