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2) A False Gospel.


2) The False Gospel of Orthodoxy .

The false gospel of Orthodoxy is first they have no gospel as such, just a process of salvation that involves a witches brew of dozens of things other than christ.

The ICHTHUS period of the church proves the Catholics and Orthodox preach a false gospel, as it stands for Jesus. Christ. God. Son. SAVIOUR and the believe Jesus is a Semi Saviour, proving they were not the Early Christians,

The Eastern Orthodox witches brew of salvation:

works + priestcraft + the Orthodox mass + chrismation + triple infant baptism  + the mediation of Mary +  the interventions of all saints day (halloween) + prayers for the dead, + confession + the Orthodox version of last rites + Aerial Toll Houses+ an exorcism + literally about a dozen other "eye of newt and toe of frog" add-ons in false "process of salvation" that completes their massively complex.

as going through an exorcism is part of a babies baptism service, and an adult convert getting baptized, the Eastern Orthodox believe you cannot be born again without undergoing a baptism, or that such is usual. 


note: the actual Good News, or gospel is to "believe in" Jesus (that is to "trust in" and "rely upon" him entirely for you salvation - see 1 Cor 15:1-4) where even repentance does not save but is always present as a quality indicator of true belief. This gospel appears totally nowhere in the Orthodox "Process of Salvation". It is not that they start with the gospel then add their add-ons, they simply never have the real gospel in their witches brew of salvation at all !

version 1

The Orthodox have 4 Saviours not one,

1) Jesus,

2) Priestcraft

3) You, that is Works -  that is You help save yourself

4) Mary and Saints,

5) also add passing trials temptations and tests in Aerial Toll Houses, etc. then the church helps save you with intercessory prayers.

In fact it is even more convoluted than that, PLUS to be saved one must "Believe the Gospel" and their gospel is long, involved and very theologically unclear, complex and piecemeal, take the subject of Jesus achieving reconciliation in the hypostatic union of example,  and how it affects the nature of man - it is very complex in Orthodoxy and half baked in its theology. How can you "believe" a message that is so messed-up, foggy and complicated from the get go? How is that quote "The simplicity of the gospel"? 

A false gospel by which we are saved - that adds works, and acts of priestcraft, and is a quote "process of salvation" or synergy - but in reality is far more complex than just that, including works of Mary, dead saints, passing tests in Aerial Toll houses etc. (later in this list I give dozens of examples of these heresies of salvation by works and priestcraft).

The Eastern Orthodox Church has a false gospel, in respect of the fact that they do not have a gospel at all. The entire reason the Gospel is called the Gospel is that it is "good news" that through Christ alone our salvation is found, not by works or repetitious priestcraft. The number of things the Eastern Orthodox church actually add to their "process of salvation" that are or can actually influence salvation is enormous, and that long list of things, often involving complex theological themes, in itself shows it is not "the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ".

Warning : the Eastern Orthodox "process of salvation" when told as it really is, is so bizarre, so complex, and so utterly strange and outlandish to Evangelicals and Protestants, that it is seldom represented as it really is by their teachers on YouTube, as they are frankly embarrassed by its unbiblical convolutions. Thus in order to deceive the public, you will hear dozens of bitty, half-baked and incomplete versions of their "process of salvation" or "synergy of salvation", in order to make it sound more credible, and to seduce more souls into the spider's web of their religion.  

The Orthodox Process of Salvation :

1) The Incarnation : That in his incarnation Jesus supposedly purged the corporate "ancestral sin nature" of all humanity, as the uniting of his Godhead with his own incarnate "ancestral sin nature" is somehow supposed to have purged this. (in which case was all humanity therein after born without their concept of Ancestral sin? So what is man then born as? Pelagian?) 

2) The Life of Christ on Earth - who perfectly kept the law. That he taught the law of the new and better covenant at that very same time, that contradicts the law of Moses, as prophesied in Deuteronomy 18:18-19 and Jeremiah 31:31-34 is not properly understood by them. Even John the Baptist did not preach the Mosaic Law as it was at the time of Moses, replacing the yearly sacrifice for sin with "the baptism of Repentance for the remission of sins". In Protestantism the life of Jesus is not so much adding to "a process of salvation" in which Jesus plays only a part, but he is remaining the spotless Lamb of God, in order to entirely gain salvation for us in his death and resurrection. (it is unclear to me if the Orthodox include the post resurrection life of Christ on Earth in this "process" but I think just about 100% of them would say yes to that)


3) The death of Jesus on the cross - earns the resurrection for humanity (not the forgiveness of sins - thus Jesus died to burn billions of people in Hell, not just resurrect the souls of the just - almost the exact opposite of the Protestant view). The exact percentage (%) of Protestant who understand the resurrection of humanity to have been already certain as part of the natural order of the justice of God is unclear, as statistics have never really been collected. So by his death Jesus conquered death (to them)


In order to deceive you they will often says things like "On the cross Jesus conquered sin, death and the devil" to deceive you into thinking Jesus in their theology "washed away our sins in his own blood" as Protestants believe, but they are linking it secretly to his incarnation (purging) and sinless life. They are out to confuse and deceive. Their witches brew of salvation is a long and twisted recipe equivalent to a cauldron full of eye of newt and leg of toad. 


Version 1


The Evangelical Gospel of salvation offers certain salvation if a person finds true repentance even after a life of backsliding. But if you face the stark reality of the Eastern Orthodox "Process of salvation" a person who backslides, sins, and produces few works, has nothing but damnation to look forward to. He or she has no hope. That is not "good news". Two barcharts, one for sins, and one for good works, where a person flunks on both accounts equals damnation. Orthodox deceivers like to try to adopt hope for souls that in reality is only part of the Evangelical Gospel, in order to try to stop people being won over and converted via the true good news.

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