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9) Murder and violence. 

They believe in killing in wars.

Yet pretend to be pacifist . 


9) Murder and violence. They believe in killing in wars. Yet pretend to be pacifist .  

In the new and better covenant it is murder to kill in wars. if the Orthodox are pacifist, why do they give communion to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in their churches? In fact  why don't they excommunicate them for believing in murder? Orthodoxy is the most oxymoronic Faith in the world. They have dozens of such complete oxymoronic doctrines. (as I believe the 3 main heresies of modern Protestantism are war, adultery by second marriage {it was not always the case} and fake Alexandrian modern bibles, I feel it necessary to put murder in the Top 10 of Orthodoxy). This includes Historical proof of capital punishment, and mutilation of "heretics" and "sinners", yet claim to be pacifist. Also assaults on those "possessed by devils" or "the devil".   

The universal sin.

The Devil was a murderer and a liar from the beginning and he has gone to much trouble to make sure mankind follow in his footsteps. The modern versions of the bible are written from the Alexandrian Text, which omits a lot numbers of pacifist verses from the new testament that are present in the Textus Receptus.  Protestants, Catholics, the Orthodox, all and many more have interpreted "Love your enemies" as "love them as you kill them". For a long list of the murderous history of the Planet since Jesus was taken up into glory see my other website about Orthodoxy (it has two parts):

It is difficult to be pacifists with big churches full of gold silver, icons and relics to protect. In effect what has really happened in Orthodoxy, despite their long list of murderous battles and persecutions, is that they have made a deal with the laity, which is "You kill and we will forgive you afterwards"! When in history do we see the Catholics say "Let us invade this Orthodox country, it is full of pacifists!". In reality they want most of their clergy (not all) as pacifist, and most of those relegated to the laity as warriors whom they can magnanimously forgive afterwards. It is all just another famous Orthodox oxymoron. They want to have their cake and eat it. Their religion is a bloodbath of murders, just not as bad as Catholicism. It is the Orthodox more than the Catholics who exalt to high heaven the butcher Emperor Constantine. In my personal evaluation the Greeks just never isolated properly that tho Alexander the Great and his Empire is mentioned in the bible (in both Daniel chapter 7, and chapter 8) unlike Joshua, Gideon, Samson, David and Jonathan, he was not a righteous warrior, frankly he was evil, he was what some have called "a great bad man" like Oliver Cromwell was, and William of Orange, and so the Greeks were willing to adopt Constantine as a new pseudo Christian replacement for their antihero. Big mistake. The killer Constantine has become their replacement for the peaceful teachings of Jesus, just as the Jews sold out Jesus for Barabbas. 



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