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151) Christendom:


151) Christendom: the historical Orthodox concept of Christendom, closely linked with its almost twin heresy "Christian Empire" is one based in tyranny, bloodshed, and imprisonment and no real freedom, ( murder ) ( churchianity ) ( tyranny ) 

( authority )  ( people )  ( laity ) ( Empire )

Orthodoxy and the 666 mark:

One Historic School of Prophecy interpretation of the 666 mark has something to do with the fake concept of Christendom. In the Middle Ages it consisted in an Empire divided into two, Byzantine and Roman Catholic. Christendom was thought to consist of two distinct groups of functionaries: the sacerdotium, or ecclesiastical hierarchy, and the imperium, or secular leaders. This was the "scarlet and purple" heresy of Revelation 17 in full bloom.

In this Christendom duality of Empires they had one thing in common, both the Catholics and the Orthodox marked the foreheads of those they baptized, using chrism, such as in chrismation. Without this make on the head or hand you could not trade, by or sell, with them, as frankly the alternative if you were an Evangelical or anyone else they saw as an "heretic" was to be burnt alive, tortured, imprisoned, beheaded, variously killed, imprisoned, banished, made a refuge, or ostracized. Ironically they were more likely to do this with those who professed Christ, but to them had the wrong teachings, than they were to kill Jews. However they also killed a persecuted Jews. Many Jews were killed by Crusaders on their way to the Crusades, and the Orthodox even made Cosmas of Aetolia - (1714 – 1779) into a "saint equal-to-the-apostles" as his preaching provoked the local trading fair onto Saturday so the Jews could not trade. 

Though I think this historical interpretation is a precursor of the 666 mark, not the real thing, soome Protestants would say they at least have a "fulfillment" of it they can prove now. So it is tempting to believe it, even though not all the facts fit. 

It is my belief however that when the 666 mark does arise, probably in the very near future, the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox will take the 666 mark, and once again hunt down the real Christians to try to destroy them. They with the atheists and others will kill probably millions of us who refuse the 666 mark, but they will not get us all! The prophecy of Jesus will come true "And the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it!" If my interpretation here is true, a name for the Catholics and the Orthodox is "The Gates of Hell" a fitting title for their Semi Saviour churches that preach an accursed or anathema false gospel. Want proof they will take the mark? Do you really see the Pope and the Titular Head of Orthodoxy running into the wilderness to try to evade being martyrs and make it through to the Rapture? No. And when they take or accept the 666 system almost all those calling themselves Catholic or Orthodox will take the mark with them.

In thi Historic School interpretation it seems the "Beast" or antichrist is the Pope, but who is "The False Prophet"? Some might argue Muhammad, as the Muslims at the time would also limit or forbid trading with enemies. others might say the Titular Head of Orthodoxy is the false prophet (as the Eastern Orthodox claim to be Pentecostal. Let me make it plain however I think the 666 mark has yet to appear. Protestants who believe this old theory might say they also have a 200,000,000 attack of the Kings of the East, in Ghengis Khan, I can see the temptation to think the theory is sound, and the 666 mark is already fulfilled. But it does not fit. Being pseudo-baptized or chrismated Orthodox or Catholic is no unforgivable sin, especially as it is done to babies. I advise you not to let this credible sounding theory make you unaware of the impending threat of the 666 mark. 


"I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8 . The answer is YES! The church will successfully hide enough saints from the 666 mark to make it through to the Late Rapture, and there is no doubt at all the Rapture is Late not Early.

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