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99) Graded churches in authority.


99) Graded churches

In real terms the Orthodox Church splits churches into about 10 kind, with various attitudes to where the word "church" should be replaced by cult or sect, when in reality they are entirely a cult in themselves.

1)   Grade A quality - Patriarchal Church (eg Constantinople)

2)   Grade B quality - Autocephalous Church  (Gr. "appointing its own leader") (eg Mount Athos) a church whose head bishop does not report to any higher-ranking bishop.

3)   Grade C quality - Autonomous Church (Gr. "self-rule"). (eg Finland) governed by its prelate, who is chosen by a superior jurisdiction, usually by a patriarchate.


It appears to me both types of churches often claim to be self governed, but as autocephalous churches appoint their own head, and autonomous do not, the true higher ranking church would be logically autocephalous, within the perimeters of their own unbiblical extraneous criteria?

4)   Grade D quality - Eparchy Churches non self-governing (eg. Philippines) 

5)   Grade E quality - Unrecognized Churches (eg Orthodox Church in America) 

6)   Grade F quality - Schismatic churches - (eg. Roman Catholic - to some)

7)   Grade G quality - Schismatic isolationist churches

8)   Grade H quality - Heretic churches - (eg Roman Catholic - to others)

9)   Grade  I quality - Heretic isolationist churches -

10) Grade J quality -  Lunatic fringe Orthodox cults .  ( church ) 

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