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Adultery and Fornication.


Divorce and remarriage ,

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WARNING : This subject is made complex by the following issues :

1) The shallowness of most Protestant, Orthodox and Catholics clerics/theologians on the subject of adultery and fornication.

2) The huge number of complicated different "situations" people who commit fornication and adultery land themselves in.

3) The way people very often present only part of the true picture of their sexual history, in order for people to evaluate what advice to give them, rendering the advice invalid.

4) The fact that almost all theologists, pastors, bishops, teachers, and so called priests, not only fail to answer relevant questions properly, but fail to isolate the relevant questions that should be answered in the first place.

The true teachings of Jesus.

The teachings of Jesus are very simple, for those who obey him. If you obey Jesus and avoid fornication, and adultery, everything is simple and runs smoothly. The complexity arises for those who disobey, and the fact it can all be complicated is almost like a punishment for the disobedient.

1) Do not commit fornication.

    Keep virginity before marriage.

a) The very fact that there is only one reason for divorce and remarriage according to Jesus in the "Matthean Clause" is proof enough Jesus is telling you to keep virginity before marriage.

b) In the old covenant there were a huge number of "touch not, taste not, handle not" subjects, but in the law of the new and better covenant God emphasises the following repeated 3 times in Acts

"As touching the Gentiles which believe, we have written and concluded that they observe no such thing, save only that they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled, and from fornication." see Acts 15:20, Acts 15:29, Acts 21:25

2) Christian to Christian marriage is for life (there are two exceptions, one very misunderstood).

a) Marriage for life. If two Christians have both obeyed Jesus and not committed fornication before their marriage, the marriage is for life with no exceptions whatsoever. Even if they divorce they are in reality still married in the eyes of God. This is made clear in the Gospels of Mark and Luke. Thus if they divorce and both remarry both are committing adultery against each other, as God still recognizes the first marriage.


b) Exception 1: divorce and remarriage on the grounds of fornication. In Matthew 5:32 and Matthew 19:9 the KJV Bible and Catholic Bibles correctly interpret the word "porneia" to mean fornication, meaning it does not include post marital adultery as a cause to divorce and remarry.

An example of this is 

1) A woman claims to be a virgin, marries a man, but on the marriage bed has a broken hymen. Before he has sex with her, on questioning, she admits she lived in sin and had a baby with another man, and had the child adopted, but says she thought her new husband would "understand" as it was only a common law marriage not a real one. Such a man could divorce her and legitimately remarry. This is one of many examples that can be thought of.

A male example:

2) A man really is a virgin, but in his so called "stag party" he gets drunk and he has sex with a woman at the party. After the marriage ceremony he confesses his fornication on the way to the bridal suite in the hotel (the said sin occurs notice before the marriage ceremony and is "fornication"). This woman can immediately divorce him and remarry. However if she had married the man first, and the same day he committed adultery by having sex with a maid in the hotel before he even knew his new wife, she could not divorce him and remarry, as that is not the same thing.


important note - this is because the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 and Matthew 19:9 has been limited in its meaning by the context in which it is used, discounting any possibility it could include post marital adultery, as Jesus specifically stated that a marriage is still intact despite adultery as he expounded the subject in the very same verses, thus limiting the word to fornication only. People claiming to be bible scholars and teachers not understanding this obvious fact will spend eternity in Hell for teaching adulterous remarriage.

c) Exception 2: a real nullification. (not a contrived Catholic excuse for nullification)


An annulment (formally known as a “declaration of nullity”) is a ruling that a particular marriage was null from the beginning—that is, something was gravely wrong at the time the time the wedding vows were made and it prevented a valid marriage from coming into existence.

It is "understood" from the outset in the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 5 and Matthew 19 that if a spouse has tricked another spouse into bigamy the marriage should be nullified or declared as void or not a true marriage. After all it is actually an illegal marriage even in secular law. This is doubly proven by the fact that Jesus says that even in the presence of secular paperwork for both a divorce, and a remarriage, God still sees the first marriage as intact (as stated previously).

So three real examples of nullification or annulment are:

1) Bigamy

2) When a brother and sister separated by complex circumstances and often distance, eventually meet and marry without initially realising they are related.

3) A transexual male has his genitalia physically altered, and successfully passes himself off as a woman, and deceives a heterosexual male into marrying him (and this has actually happened in the past - a sign of the times).

However understanding this obvious nullification of a marriage has led the Catholics to declare marriages null and void for all sorts of spurious unbiblical reasons, just so they can keep people in Catholicism who in reality want to go against the Catholic belief in marriage for life. This is described in the Catholic theology book 

"Catholic Divorce - The Deception of Annulments" edited by Pierre Hegy and Joseph Martos.

A question here is - If a person marries a bigamist without being bothered enough to check anything like properly if they are already married, can they necessarily just walk off and marry any virgin they choose? I will not be answering such questions here. As I have already said questions become more complicated if people commit adultery or fornication.

Common Protestant Heresy :

I feel that the heresy of divorce and remarriage is becoming so prevalent in the Protestant and Evangelical churches, that the false accusations of the Catholics against Protestantism in the past, are now actually coming true. The strong stand of the Church of England against Edward VIIIth marrying Wallis Simpson has now in modern times certainly not been mirrored in modern Protestant churches, that have been defiled by the blind fools who have changed the word "fornication" in the KJV bible in Matt 5:32 to such phrases as "unless she has been unfaithful" (NTL) and "except for sexual immorality" NIV.

The heresy is largely simply to think that porneia in Matt 5:32 can refer to any sort of sexual sin after marriage. 

HERESY 1: Divorce and remarriage for adultery:

Modern (Alexandrian Text) versions of the bible change the bible - leading to a tidal wave of adulterous divorce and remarriage. Ironically this is not because the Alexandrian Text itself changes the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 into another word, it is just that scholars blind enough to accept that the Alexandrian Text is more accurate than the Textus Receptus are so shallow in their research they also cannot see the obvious fact that the context in which it is used means post marital adultery is not part of the clause allowing remarriage.

HERESY 2: Divorce and remarriage for prudery, like viewing pornography.

This is a second misinterpretation of the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32, that is that it includes viewing nude photos, and soft porn, after marriage.

This is an absurdly trivial (and thus heretically broad) reason for divorce, Get this clear - The word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 does not include a postmarital sin of ANY kind, not even if your husband or wife becomes a serial killer. 


For instance Dolly Parton is now wanting to appear on the cover of Playboy again. If a wife finds her husband has been reading the magazine the theory is that is a legitimate reason to divorce him and remarry! Well...... if that was so can the husband also remarry? If not it would logically be because he would be committing adultery if he did. Right??? But the only way that could happen s if God saw the first marriage as still intact, thus how can the "innocent party" remarry? It is frankly absurd. Thus the logical conclusion to this extremist prudeish teaching is that the way out of an unhappy marriage, where both can remarry, is for one of them to buy a porn magazine from the local store. It is just as much heresy to preach that a prudish reason for divorce and remarriage is permitted such as this, as it is to say adultery allows divorce and remarriage, as the end result of both is adultery via a second spouse.

HERESY 3 : That a Christian can divorce a Christian spouse and remarry over desertion.

It becomes more and more preposterous when this kind of doctrine is preached. Again.... Can "the guilty party" in that case remarry too? If not the reason would be adultery because God recognizes the first marriage. Logically then both the guilty and innocent party can remarry, so the way out of an unhappy marriage is for one or other of the spouses to desert the other and everyone gets happily remarried. Then they can all do it again a few years later. The whole doctrine is absurd, and makes a mockery of not only the teachings of Jesus in Mark and Luke but in Matthew also. If this is limited only to an unbeliever deserting a Christian when the Christian gets converted it is slightly less preposterous, but does it actually say in 1 Corinthians 7 they can remarry? 

After how long does diserion become desertion? Have you ever thought the bible does not say because they have this wrong, and there is no divorce and remarriage statement in 1 Corinthians 7 about this? (This is a much more controversial topic as Christian to Christian marriage is much easier to prove.)

example 1: now preaches adultery.

                    Kristi Watts - heretic teacher of adultery . was already defiled by the idea that Pat Robinson could, as a Christian,  run for President of the USA and have his finger on the "Nuke Button" against all the peace and love teachings of Jesus. But the female teacher Kristi Watts utterly defiled the entire organisation with terrible heresy when teaching about divorce and remarriage. Firstly the bible makes it plain women are not teachers, but far more serious than that her lax teachings on Christian to Christian marriage, and her belief that "just cause" for divorce and remarriage includes adultery, in real terms turned into a sex cult that preaches adultery.

My memory of this is that at first Pat Robinson was resisting her false teachings. But somehow they won him around. Kristi Watts did not and does not understand the first principles of the teachings of Jesus about divorce and remarriage.

Common Catholic Heresy :

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Common Orthodox Heresy :

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