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162) They deny the character of the new covenant which is freedom


Example: In  Romans 14 we are told Christians have freedom in the keeping of days. This freedom however is limited by warnings later in scripture that it is heretical to Judaize the Faith with now dead old covenant Feast Days (the Passover for instance is a forward looking feast) and warnings that keeping of multiple days becomes bondage. The Orthodox take away these freedom in Christ by the invention of calendarization of the Faith, where every single day of the year revolves around clockwork keeping of days by their ministers, many of the "saints" being remembered were no more than sinners.

162) They deny the character of the new covenant which is freedom - the new covenant is characterised by freedom in Christ, they adopt the most draconian concepts of the old Mosaic Covenant (described as done away) in order to bring believers in the new covenant era into religious bondage to clockwork religious concepts like keeping a plethora of feasts. In Christ we have freedom about days (Rom 16) and we have freedom in food (Col 2:21) what is more the imposed fast days and food regulations break another of Christs teachings - to keep your fasting a secret. ( salvation ) (LAW) 

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