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​130) Liturgy and the restriction of languages


Liturgy and restriction of languages - Liturgies and "services" prior to the 9th century were in Greek only, the Catholics claim Latin (perhaps a division in the Empire halves, or.... someone among them is lying) only later other specific languages were introduced. This is worth researching as if its true two distinct languages were used it almost inevitably was a sign a rift would occur by 1054.

The point is that having a church service where only two languages are to be used is very serious error, and that when the content of the church service is RIGHT! How much worse is it when the church service is a clockwork liturgy, where the priests steal the place of Jesus in the Song of Solomon, and the Bride is replaced by a daughter of the mother of harlots!

Another issue here is the Catholics and the Orthodox now do church services in many languages (but there are hardline sects within them that still insist on only limited languages), but they want to slip and slide past the issue of perhaps about 1,000 years of the heresy of insisting on few languages being permitted, yet they still want you to buy the lie they churches were "in the Spirit" in that time period! It's a whitewash! 

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