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192) TOP 10 -  "Real" Holy sites


I can hardly emphasize how heretical the Catholic and Orthodox views of "Holy Sites" in places like Jerusalem and Constantinople etc are.


The Crusades were fought over these issues. Many hundreds of thousands have died in wars over these "holy sites", more if you count knock-on effects on civilians. Some of them are real enough places, but laughably in a morose way many of the locations claiming to be the actual sites are false. It is all so heretical because Galatians chapter 4 makes it clear that real Christians (Sarah Christians) are spiritually minded, having forsaken ideas like defending with warfare places like Earthly Jerusalem, and are Pilgrims on a journey toward Heavenly Jerusalem, they are in other words pacifists who do not defend notions of religious sites with violence. This is the fulfilment of the new testament form of the old Feast of Tabernacles, just as sincerity is the fulfilment of the old now defunct Feast of Passover (the passover led to Jesus saving us in his death and resurrection, which in turn led to us being born again, which in turn led to an increase in sincerity among believers). Holy sites have become part and parcel with territorialism and violence in a deadly combination.  

1) Multiple sites in Jerusalem (massive blood shed). (under construction)

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