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Top 100 Orthodox Heresies


TOP 100:  Contentious Issues:

91) Canonization in Orthodoxy is called "Glorification to sainthood"


92)  Mortification:


93) Renunciation of Errors (in Chrismation ceremonies) 


94) Oversimplification of the character of God: (God is love = no Hell etc)


95) 40 Day "Churching" of a baby 


96) Economy, Economia - discretionary deviation from the letter of the law


97) Symphonia heresy - when their fake church sees it as practical to compromise with the state in order to survive / thrive by sinning.


98) Many modern Orthodox consider the Pope "a bishop". (linked to ecumenicalism)


99) Graded churches in authority.


100) The Three hierarchs (three heretics actually). refers to

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