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​182) Mongrel Orthodoxy

     eg Hank Hanegraaff


​182) Hank Hanegraaff and Mongrel Orthodoxy

he preaches a mongrel Faith and is not put in his place. because of  the sin of respect of persons

Hank Hanegraaff's apostasy from the Protestant Faith into Eastern Orthodoxy is of significance more because he is highlighting a new wave of heresy in the Orthodox religion, that might be best called "the fifty fifty cult" were the Orthodox do not exercise the discipline that is supposed to characterize their church, and allow people like Hank to preach a shape shifting new potpourri religion that is neither Evangelical, nor Orthodox. So just remember - every time you hear him preaching he is living proof of a lack of discipline in the Orthodoxy Faith (proof they are not in the Spirit in itself), and that they allow their novice proselytes to preach what amounts to a new fifty fifty cult that is neither Protestantism nor Eastern Orthodoxy just contradictory nonsense. 

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