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​​​7) The Titular Head - the Orthodox Pope


The Titular Head of Orthodoxy


       The Orthodox Pope.

If the Orthodox religion is so God blessed, why has Constantinople spent so long throughout history in the hands of Muslims and others?

The doctrine that there is any Head of the church other than Jesus Christ our Lord, whether you try to modify it by putting the word Titular first or not, is pure blasphemy. The bible clearly states over and over again Jesus is the Head of the church, and the Protestants get it right again about who that one church is, it  all the people who are born again, called "The Body" of Christ. The continual lies of Catholics and the Orthodox that the Protestants do not believe in one church holds no substance, it is just that the denominations are more open and honest about their disagreement on more minor issues that the Orthodox term "Theologoumena". In effect the Protestant denominations are churches who are simply more open and honest about differences over Theologoumena, and the Orthodox and Catholics sweep them under the rug. Very often Protestant denominations have completely identical teachings it is just that they have a different name, just like "the Church at Ephesus" hand a different name to the at Corinth.

The Pope :

Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals. The Eastern Orthodox Church deny they at any time in history recognized the Pope as the Head of the church. The division of this is so great between the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox the Catholics felt it was necessary to forge the "Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals" to try to manufacture a history of Popes before the 1054 Great Schism, as the reality is that the doctrine of a Pope based on distortions of Matthew 16 was a relatively late power grabbing and Empire building development.



The Old Covenant king.

The Orthodox and the Catholics are like carnal Israel. God said he would lead them himself, but Israel cried out for and insisted on a fleshly king, so God gave them one. That is another reason Jesus said the old law was "for the hardness of their hearts". Unfortunately for them God did not exercise that discretion, and in the new and better covenant he remains our leader, and his Holy Spirit our primary teacher, as says Protestantism, and as is flatly denied by the Orthodox and Catholics.

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