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56) Ethereal Toll Houses & salvation .


56) Ethereal Toll Houses & salvation . Two issues here, firstly that after death you are not in a state of salvation or damnation according to Orthodoxy, but must face a series of temptation by demons in houses along the way to a place termed Abraham's Bosom, the passing of such tests contributing to actual salvation, and secondly that prayers of the Orthodox and dead saints help the travelling departed soul to pass these tests and temptations and thus yet again contribute to actual salvation of their own soul - see further down this list in prayer section.  (see Prayer and Salvation)  (contrast Purgatory)  (Hell) part of salvation by works.

20 TOLL HOUSES (in effect demon infested hotels):

Traditionally there are 20 Toll houses where believers are attacked by demons as your soul flies on the way to Abraham's Bosom after death, each house has a different temptation of sin, and all must be passed or you end up waiting with "Dives" (the rich man who walked past Lazarus) in the pit below the place called Abraham's Bosom.

This involves the subject of "The Particular Judgment" as opposed to or in contradistinction from "The Last Judgement." That is if you finish up waiting with Dives in the Pit, or with Lazarus, you have entered though the Particular Judgement, but not yet The Last Judgement. 

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