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97) Symphonia


97) Symphonia heresy - what this means in real terms. proven over and over again by history, s that the Orthodox church sees it as practical to compromise with the state in order to survive. Two modern examples of this are that huge numbers of Orthodox bishops compromise with the state (and police force) on the issues of homosexuality and evolutionism, and the so called hierarchy of Orthodoxy, including the Titular Head, turn a blind eye to this. (note - Catholic theologians hypothesise that this is how Orthodoxy was defiled by adulterous second marriage doctrines and practices)

Quote from wiki

"Symphonia (Greek : συμφωνία "accord") is a normative theory or concept in Orthodox Christian theological and political thought, especially within the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire, which posits that church and state are to complement each other, exhibiting mutual respect with neither institution presuming to dominate the other."

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