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118) False Christs


False Christs .

They irreverently say they "become a Christ" in their baptism and Chrismation services.

The Anointed One .

This subject brings up the definition of Jesus being the "Christ" or Anointed One. Is Jesus the eternally Anointed One because of his union with the Holy Ghost? Is he the Anointed One in an entirely spiritual sense, having nothing to do with physical baptism, and certainly not anointing with oil (so called Chrismation) as that never happened at his baptism.

From my personal experience, it is often said when someone preaches in the Spirit, or when the Holy Spirit moves in worship, or the singing of quote "spiritual songs" (removed from Orthodoxy) "That was so anointed!" meaning they received a an anointed blessing of the Holy Spirit. This is the effect Jesus had on people who came into his presence. He has always eternally had this quality in his inner being, though obvious people have not always existed to receive that blessing from him. He is the Anointed One, he never became the Anointed one. 

Baptized into Christ .

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The Eastern Orthodox are turning the concept of being "baptized into Christ" as the same misdirected abomination as their concept of Theosis, where they claim they become One with God, in his "energia" but not his "ousia". Protestants do not recognize this tearing asunder of God into two parts, it is simply a blasphemous attack by the Orthodox upon the Holy Trinity. In a similar way baptism does not make you "a Christ".

Rasputin said "Despite my terrible sins, I am a Christ in miniature." And he was  almost certainly referring to this Orthodox doctrine. He went on with the false idea to say he had been sent by God to die for the Russian people, even going as far as saying his blood had paid beforehand for the sins of the Russian royal family. This is how false doctrine morphs from one extreme to another. 

The False Messiah Vissarion (Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop)  would probably have never started his false Jesus cult, except for the false doctrine of Eastern Orthodoxy that a person "becomes a Christ" after they are baptized, go through chrismation (a man made ceremony) and an exorcism. Much of his doctrine was leached from Eastern Orthodoxy to appeal to his groupies in Russia. Vissarion has two wives, and six children from two marriages. The Eastern Orthodox clergy are so ignorant about the subject of divorce they do not understand that the teaching of Jesus was and is that Christian marriage is for life, making divorce and remarriage polygyny.

Kondratiy Selivanov (c. 1730s–1832), said he was Jesus, that is Christ, the founder and leader of the Skoptsy sect in the Russian Empire.[1]

The Orthodox say they become "a Christ" after a person or baby goes through chrismation, triple baptism, and exorcism. This is blasphemously inappropriate, just as calling Mary the "Mother of God" is. They cannot discern this as Satan has blinded their eyes.

Jesus was called "The anointed One" and only he is The Christ.

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