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6) That the Orthodox Church is Infallible


Do the Orthodox believe the church Infallible? state quote:

"Orthodoxy does not believe in the infallibility of the Pope of Rome, nor of any other individual.

Orthodoxy upholds the reality that the Church, gathered together in Council under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is guided in making correct decisions and in enunciating truth." unquote.

Thus the claim inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

The Orthodox Church does not say (so far as I am aware) that any priest, bishop, or their top man "The Titular Head of the Orthodox Church" is infallible, that is to use the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word "adjective - incapable of making mistakes or being wrong:". That is believable. That however does not mean that they do not believe their church is not infallible.

When fighting against the Catholic religion it is like fighting a lion. But in doctrinally opposing the Orthodox religion they are more like a python, and not only a python but one that seeks to dispute in mud. The Catholics stand their ground, but the Orthodox writhe, twist and turn, deny definitions, and delight in contradictions. Take the term "First Among Equals" for instance, it is an oxymoron from the start, like "a meat eating vegetarian" but that does not bother anyone in Orthodoxy. They say they are are killer pacifists for instance. They change the whole meaning of the word "grace" from unmerited favour to the uncreated energies of God so they can claim to be saved by grace and works simultaneously, a total contradiction according to Romans 11:6.


What I am saying is that even though the Orthodox avoid using the word infallible about any individual, that does not mean that they do not present their so called church itself is infallibly as it is presented as the one and only church. It is to them in other words "right". The Word Ortho means "Right" in other words they self proclaim themselves as the right church in worship, doctrine and authority, They say that only in Orthodoxy is salvation found. If their church could be wrong to them, they would invite debate, but throughout the centuries they have killed, persecuted and ostracised anyone who dared to question their beliefs, it is just that instead of killing in the Catholic way, like the mass burning of martyrs under Bloody Mary, or the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre, the Orthodox hid many of their killings by letting people waste away, starve and freeze in prison cells or as refugees instead (if you want proof of that do a detailed study of their "saints equal to the apostles" many of whom were kings and queens exalted by orthodoxy to such an exalted title for forcing the populations of countries to convert to Orthodoxy under threat of death, imprisonment or great persecution otherwise).

The bottom line is:

Because the Eastern Orthodox church does not say any individual is infallible, does not mean they do not believe their church, its core centre doctrines, or even its traditions, are not infallibly correct. They state after all they are the one and only true church and that salvation is found only in Orthodoxy.

The canon of scripture.

How did the Orthodox and the Catholics both finish up with a different canon of scripture, if "the church" was led by the Holy Spirit (as they claim) to choose the correct canon? They say this of the canon of the new testament as they both agree on that part, but not the old testament, on which they differ. Please notice that the Orthodox say their councils are guided by the Holy Ghost, so in effect....

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