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161) Cherry-picked Judaizing heresy


They cherry pick laws and items from the old covenant law, and by tradition add them to the law of their fake church, and create for themselves a syncretic new man made religion.. This includes beards and incense thuribles, 

171) A cherry-picked form of The Judaizing heresy - they cherry pick the old law now quote "done away" as if the old testament is there for them to pick and choose laws, and create a new syncretic faith (which is exactly what they have done).   What is different about Orthodoxy is (unlike most Judaizing cults) the laws they cherry pick from Mosaic Law are blended with traditions that are entirely anti Mosaic Law (like leavended wine and bread in communion) and even aspects of antisemitism.  They do not seem to understand old law was done away, was draconian ("that neither we nor our fathers could bear" - Peter) we do not pick, choose and reinvent bits to keep now, like "holy beards" or golden artefacts in the temple.

note: It is indeed a paradox that Eastern Orthodoxy is on the one hand strongly resists the Judaizing heresy of the so called "Hebrew Roots Movement" yet they have invented a syncretic religion that involves cherry picking old testament concepts and laws and mixing them with the new testament law. ( salvation ) (LAW) 

result - a syncretic new man made religion.

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