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This is an Evangelical Christian Website


name: Kenneth McDonald

My ministries

1) Teacher of the bible.

2) Evangelist.

My Faith:

I am a Christian. The only real Christians are ones who are born again. As every pseudo Christian sect, cult and false church, along with real Christians, call themselves "Christian" the Evangelical Church call themselves by the name Evangelical Christian to emphasise the "evangel" from the Greek euangelion ‘good news’ as to become born again and thus part of the one true church one has to quote "believe the gospel" (I Cor 15:1-4) of Salvation through Christ crucified, buried and resurrected.

Specific doctrines:

I believe all Christians who believe in killing in wars, capital punishment, abortion, or even premeditated killing in self defense, are false Christians. The new spiritual teachings of Jesus of "Peace and Love" are radically different from that of Moses. If Jesus taught war there would be a David, Jonathan, Samson, Gideon, or Joshua in the new and better covenant, fighting the Roman occupation, instead we have Saint Stephen imitating Jesus in his death, and forgiving.

I defend the Textus Receptus Greek over the false Alexandrian Greek of the modern versions. The false modern version Greek misses out dozens of pacifist verses from the bible, and usually heretically mistranslate the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 to include post marital adultery. This brings me to my third doctrine I wish to distinguish characterizes my beliefs - that adultery does not break the marriage bond between two Christians, and that marriage is for life. Even if a believer divorces an adulterous spouse they should never remarry, but have still committed the sin of "causing them to commit adultery" by the very act of divorce according to Jesus.

What I am saying by being specific in this way, is I do not believe all Evangelicals or Protestants are saved either. Narrow is the way and few there be who find it. 

The Church.

The word church in the bible itself represents "the congregation" of true born again believers, either in a specific location, or worldwide. The word church is used by Protestants and Evangelicals in the English language to represent the Greek word in the bible for "congregation", as a special way to differentiate simply a crowd of people (who could be anyone) from a gathering of true believers, which is clearly meant in context. Contrary to the lies of the Catholic and Orthodox religions, Protestants and Evangelicals do believe in just one church, defined as "all those who are born again", also metaphorically called "the body of Christ" and "The Bride of Christ". Indeed the Protestant church is bigger than the so called Orthodox church. Throughout my websites when I refer to the Catholic and Orthodox churches it does not mean I think they are born again, I am just repeating common English usage, and omitting the repetitive use of the phrase "so called church". My very definition of "church" here is a denial of the Catholic and Orthodox religions as true churches, as they believe Jesus is a Semi Saviour, adding personal works and acts of priestcraft to what they call "a process of salvation".

Did the true church disappear?

In the time of Elijah God tells us there were 7,000 men who had not bowed the knee to Baal. but these men were hidden, Elijah did not know of them. Even so the early church went into hiding at the time of early Roman and Jewish persecution, under the Ichthus (fish) symbol, which represented "Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Saviour". The Orthodox and Catholics accept this historical fact, but refuse to believe the true church was once again forced into hiding when their religion, the sacerdotalist religion, gained power at the time of Constantine. Real non violent believers would have believed the mass is a cheap magic trick, and Constantine a complete counterfeit Christian, and as such would have been heavily persecuted, just as they were being murdered in the riots that occured before the Nicene Creed quote "when Christians were killing Christians" unquote.

Even if the Catholic and Orthodox lies are to believed, that no one on Planet Earth believed that Jesus alone is our one and only Saviour, if they had wiped out real Christianity via persecution, the parallel then remains that "the Gates of Hell" did not prevail against the church, because like their Saviour the true Church went through a death and resurrection like their precious Saviour Jesus.

When I was first saved I believed it was utter heresy for anyone to say Catholics or the Orthodox might sometimes be born again. Having studied Eastern Orthodoxy, and that most toddlers and children in their religion are taught by their parents not priests, I now believe it is possible many thousands of Orthodox and Catholic children may have been taught Jesus is their Saviour, and the moment they believe this in a spirit of repentance they might indeed be born again, not having been properly indoctrinated into salvation by works and priestcraft. These children when they grew up were then indoctrinated into heresy. I know many Protestant may believe my statement about this is a compromise by me and untrue, however I have no idea how many times it might have occurred. As the Protestant definition of the church is "all those born again" if I am correct in this belief it might put a new spin on the scripture "come out of her my people" in Revelation 18:4, that is an historical as well as futurist call by God, prompting those born again in childhood to break free of the chains of their adult indoctrination and come out of Romanism. Another consequence of this belief however (please notice) is that the inevitable conclusion is that the present day Protestant belief that reflects that of the early church, that the church is "all the born again believers" was ironically perpetuated and preserved within the children of the Catholic and Orthodox religion, but the adults kept corrupting the simplicity of their beliefs, teaching them that their hocus pocus rituals help to save them instead.


My plan for this website:

Having isolated more than 200 Eastern Orthodox heresies and errors recently, I now intend to deal with them on 2 different websites in two different ways:


1) Here - I intend to strictly organise this entire website around a list of the 200 heresies, expound them all in depth, within that strictly organized structure, and to also provide subpages with Orthodox quotes to prove the reality of each heresy or error. 


2) On the other sister website called eastern orthodox  I intend adopt a different plan, that is to give a short explanation of each heresy on the list, then use buttons and links on that website to deal with the heresies as topics, in a less rigid framework, that is not just sticking closely to a list of 200 heresies or errors.

About this website and my teaching ministry:

I denounce the entire idea that teachers are not simply given the ministry direct from God, but need to go through "bible college" or receive their authority from the laughable idea of "hand-me-down-power" from human links supposedly all the way back to the apostles. Judge a teacher by the quality of his teachings, not by certificates given out by autocratic colleges that make you jump through hoops until you are a standardised clone of a corrupted religious system. Just about every denomination on Earth has a brace of compromises one must submit to in order to enter into being in the ministry as a "job", which is in itself a corrupted concept. 

Teachers versus Pastors.

I want to draw a distinction between a teacher and a pastor. People who say they are teachers, or pastors, or bishops, or so called "priests" will all probably have a similar standard of judgement on the day of judgement. It is my view a pastor, (or anyone taking on such spiritual shepherding tasks) has a far more difficult task than the ministry of a teacher. A teacher can pick and choose his subject matter, but a pastor has certain responsibilities thrust upon him, one of which is to keep a church pure from adultery by divorce and remarriage. The sheer number of different life stories and circumstances to deal with is daunting, in order to ensure the church is not defiled by open adultery by second marriage. If you claim to be a pastor, clearly remember this - you must answer to God if you allow his church to be defiled by adultery.


Since the modern versions changed the word "fornication" in the KJV bible to include post marital adultery, an avalanche of false teachers and pastors has appeared, resulting in a tidal wave of adulterous remarriages in churches. Even has joined in with the misinterpretation of the word "porneia" in Matthew 5:32, which in context simply cannot include post marital adultery. If my memory serves me correctly it was the so called "female teacher" Kristi Watts who first corrupted with the idea that two Christians can divorce and remarry over adultery, which was then followed by a handful of other false "reasons". The Orthodox religion have the same teaching that Christian to Christian marriage can be ended by adultery, leaving them supposedly free to remarry, and only the fact that the Orthodox are not really Christians in the first place complicates the matter.

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