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120) Holy water power.

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It may look like ordinary water, but..... as an Orthodox priest did some of his rites and rituals over it, the water now supposedly takes on powers of many kinds. Its just another cheap fake magic trick that amounts to little more than a witchcraft potion, or a money making scam. It's a nice little earner. You can buy a bottle in your local Orthodox shop, where you can also buy icons, high relief "semi" statues, but probably not a bible.

120) Holy water power - the Orthodox believe so called holy water has powers to spiritually clean people and places, and cast out demons. They even do it to their own churches before a person is baptized to increase the impression of their bogus priestly powers.  ( ritualism ) ( churchianity ) ( sin - fakery ) ( sorcery )

Holy water is one of the fake magic tricks of Eastern Orthodoxy, proving it is sorcery. just as God says it is in Revelation 18, along with the Catholics. The Orthodox believe only their clerics can give this water its fake magic powers, no one else can put in the "holy powers" with their rituals. 


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