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55) Theosis 2 (part of salvation)


55) Theosis 2 - mentioned first here as an attack on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity (thus the no.1 heresy), it is also heresy in its substance (not just its consequence) as a warped amalgam of deification, sanctification and spiritual growth in Christ, then made into part of salvation itself in a "process" or "synergy" of salvation,  when such issues are a fruit of salvation (Protestant), not a root of salvation (Catholic / Orthodox) The Devil or Lucifer in Isaiah 14 is the first to believe in Theosis, and he then tried to convince Eve she would be a goddess in Eden. In their desperation to justify themselves the Orthodox now like to fancifully imagine that Catholics and many Protestant believe in it to, hoping some people at least with "buy their lie", when they are just living in denial about how utterly warped and particular to them the heresy is. John 17:21 is just a reference to the metaphor of the church being "the body of Christ" not that we all achieve Theosis.  ( the Godhead ) ( salvation )

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