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Top 110 Orthodox Heresies


TOP 110:  

101) They kept the bible from the people for over 1,000 years - 


102) The definition of heresy


​​103) Ecumenical - (probably most of them. - see also Pope as Bishop)


104) Holy Orders 


​​105) Call no man father 


​106) ​Prostration, and bowing 


​107) ​Anathema ceremonies 


108) Prayer Books 


109) The Cycle of Prayer (daily, and yearly) 


​​110) A Personal relationship Mary and saints (spiritism)

















TOP 110.

More prayer heresies.

101) All saints day - (spiritism) The Eastern Orthodox Church and associated Eastern Catholic Churches and Byzantine Lutheran Churches celebrate it on the first Sunday after Pentecost( sorcery ) ( spiritism ) ( salvation ) 

( churchianity )

102) The Communion of Saints( sorcery ) ( spiritism ) ( salvation )

( churchianity )

103) The Repose of souls of the dead ? (Memorial.)  ( sorcery ) ( spiritism ) 

( salvation ) ​( churchianity )

104) Priests, Bishops and monks having long hair - this is also technically a prayer error (head covering issues), but is an example of a sin that is not "a work of the flesh" that is to which damnation is promised.  Priest and monks have long hair to imitate gurus and bring "eastern" peoples into the faith, but the new covenant law forbids long hair on men, calling it a "shame". Having long hair is not a work of the flesh, but the church strategy to imitate gurus to spiritually seduce Eastern converts into their religion is. Their hair is tied back to stop them looking like the vain creatures they really are.

105) They are wizards/witches performing witchcraft.  ( sorcery ) ( spiritism )

Top 3 witches in the world according to Orthodoxy? : 

( sorcery ) ( spiritism ) ( salvation )​ ( churchianity )

1) Number 1 Witch (top witch / wizard:) - Dimitrios Arhondonis 

                                  fake name - Bartholomew 1

                                  title: Titular Head of Eastern Orthodoxy, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and Archbishop of Constantinople . primus inter pares (first among equals) called Head of the Eastern Orthodox Church (or Head of the Church - as they claim to be the only church).


2) Number 2 WitchVladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev

                                  fake name - Kirill

                                  title: Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, the Bishop of Moscow,  primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.


3) Number 3 WitchJorge Mario Bergoglio

                                 fake name: Pope Francis 

                                 title:- His Holiness, Francis, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the Vatican City State, Servant of the servants of God. called "Head of the Church" by Catholics.(pretender to being Head of the Church, according to Orthodoxy)

note: huge numbers of the Orthodox now see the Pope as a bishop, so he is one of the top witches / wizards  because of the sheer numbers he lords it over and deceives.               

106) Deliberately Clouding "The Weightier matters of the Law" - there is such a thing as "the law of the new covenant' (Gal 6:2) in opposition to the old (done away) Law of Moses. The new law has its centerpiece the "Two Commandments" and the old law had for its centerpiece the 10 Commandments. To hide their heresy the Pharisees of the Eastern Orthodox Church deliberately cloud the issue of what the weightier matters of the Law are, more minor issues like the position of the hand in the bogus sign of the cross, and The Filioque are relatively minor in comparison to adulterous remarriage, war (murder) and adding works to actual salvation as a root not a fruit. One should still teach "the least of these commandments" (Matthew 5:19) but they are not on the same level as "the fruit of the Spirit" (positive) or "the works of the flesh" (negative).

note: this heresy is inextricably linked to the heresy of denying the existence of "the works of the flesh" from more minor issues like eating black pudding, men with long hair, etc, but is distinctly a diverse heresy of subterfuge in itself. 

( doctrine )​ ( conceptual )

107) Spiritual Whoredom - calling the mass bread "God" and bowing to it is idolatry, idolatry with icons, shrines. Theosis etc.  ( idolatry )​ ( sacerdotalism )

108) Two gospels save. - Evangelicals do not say two gospels save, but the Orthodox do not have the courage to stick properly to their emphatic statement "salvation is found only in Orthodoxy" they then tell everyone they don't want to judge as to whether other people are saved or not. It is yet another oxymoron of theirs. The bible says there is only ONE salvation gospel, and anyone teaching another is anathema, under God's curse! The Orthodox synergy of salvation or process of salvation isn't it.



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