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199) TOP 10 Uniforms .

A long time ago the Orthodox Pharisees found out that if they dress up in gaudy, golden, ostentatious glittering uniforms. the gullible majority (or people on the "broad way" to destruction) will buy the lie that this is some sort of heaven sent sign that they are men of God, when in fact these vain glorious uniforms and crowns are solid proof the bishops of Orthodoxy are the puppets of Satan and the underworld. Though bishops dressed-up this way look like religious clowns in a circus, the deception has worked against millions of people out of contact with the word of God. The public need to see that when all the costumes and crowns and rites and rituals are taken away, what would remain is a herd of religious dunces who have never grasped the first principles of the faith.

%) Bishop's crowns

%) Bishop's rings

%) Bishop's medallions

% Bishop's Croziers 

%) Bishop's High Relief Crosses ( a get around for a Catholic style crucifix idol) including baptism crosses, and various bishop's show their rank through wearing them.

Mitres and crowns. (Gr. Mitra). I find it entirely stupid to think Christians in church should wear crowns on their heads. The official headdress or "crown" of a bishop. In Slavic churches, some archimandrites are allowed to wear the mitre as a recognition of their service to the church (mitrateor mitrophoros). The mitre derives from the crown of the Byzantine emperor.

note: incredibly revealing! They confirm themselves the "scarlet and purple heresy" by saying these crowns derives from Byzantine Emperors!!!

Heading 1

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