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4) Apostolic Succession.


4) Apostolic Succession 1 - the heresy of hand me-down-power and the faking of historical "proof" to so called prove it. It has a massive influence in the damnation of Orthodox souls who buy the lie. It should be dealt with far more by Protestants and Evangelicals. There is another heresy involved with it (dealt with later) which is that salvation can only be acquired by these hand-me-down powers that don't even exist in the first place.

The link with Sacerdotalism and Nicolaitanism. :

I have discovered that one of the great fears among Catholic and Orthodox theologians is that "the heresy of sacerdotalism" is added to the commonly seen "list of early heresies", and that "the Nicolaitan heresy" is rightly identified with this. It is only the well informed that realise that Sacerdotalism should be on the list, the Roman Catholics obviously are not motivated to add it. That would make the Apostolic line of succession fall apart even if every single lie they have invented about the early history of bishops was believed. However it is quite clear that the majority of so called "evidence" for Apostolic Succession is in fact locked into the expression "which by tradition...." in other words there is little or no evidence some of these men even existed, or that their doctrines - if they did - matched those of Catholicism. They will swear blind for instance that if Justin Martyr said "This is my body" which is simply a scripture about a clear symbol for remembrance, that this is "proof" he was a sacerdotalist like they are.

Big problems with Apostolic Succession

The Roman Catholics have massive problems with Apostolic Succession, ironically that spring from their own success at deceiving people. Catholics have a so called Apostolic line of Succession for the Pope in Rome. But the Catholics are often more numerous in countries across the globe where the Eastern Orthodox have various other clearly defined claims to Apostolic Lines. So where is the Catholic Apostolic line of bishops in those countries? See the problem? The Orthodox might try to lay a claim this proves Catholicism false and them true, as the Catholics have bishops but no apostolic line of descent, or it causes friction with Eastern Orthodoxy.

In a similar way where is the Eastern Orthodox line of descent in the Latin area? It's not there, yet they claim to have churches and bishops in those countries.

Then there is the Oriental Orthodox anomaly of having an entire separated church with bishops, but where is the list of their Apostolic line of descent that supposedly "proves them right" and with authority but Orthodoxy wrong. (If you can show me  Apostolic bishop lines for Oriental Orthodoxy your research on it is better than mine). 


See the problems? Looked at as a whole Apostolic Succession falls apart.

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