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187​) TOP 10 Church artifacts:

The Viking raiders would have had nothing to rob in the first place if the so called "church" never had so much gold, silver and precious stones.

1) The Georgian Cross, also known as The Grapevine Cross,  handmade by the Virgin Mary. Then, she handed the cross over to Saint Nino, a Cappadocian preacher in Iberia.

2) Eucharist Chalice (wine)

3) Eucharist plate (bread)

4) Vessel for Holy particles

5) Holy Chrism vessel

6) Vessel for Presanctified Gifts

7) Holy Myrrh vessel

8) Panagia Vessel

9) Vessel for water blessing

Do not ignore the part church religious artifacts play in the sorcery of Orthodoxy, and their witchcraft and wizardry.  Not only are such things the fulfilment of Simon the Sorcerer's desire for sorcery, but also it is all very similar to the "strange fire" type heresy of Aaron's sons.


1) Icons

1) Chalice,

linked with absurd man made ideas and concepts of holy areas such as the Prothesis, the Iconostasis or Table of Oblation, etc. Also holy uniforms should be worn etc. 

2) Spoon

3) distorted Crosses (and high relief crucifixes) 

4) Bell (in Catholic ceremonies used to show the moment of consubstantiation. I have yet to confirm the ways this is done in Orthodoxy)

5) Thurible / censers .

6) Offertory chalice

8) Litia trays

9) Oil lamps / hanging / standing

10) Zion / Zeon Cup (used to put hot water into the chalice in the Rite of Constantinople)

11) Holy Bread Wood Seal

12) Holy Water brush

13) Candle stands / holders

14) Embroidered emblems

15) Gold (or gold plated) tabernacle

16) Travel communion set

17) Jewellry (also eggs)

18) Crosses (high relief crucifixes) 

19) Staffs and shepherd's crooks / croziers. 

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