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171) Fake Saints - THE TOP 100



In case you do a better job choosing 100 examples of fake or evil Orthodox saints, please make your choices from the following link: Eastern Orthodox Calendar of Saints .

This long list of fake saints is just being started. It will consist of:

1) Real saints, like Mary, John, Peter, Paul etc.

2) Real people from the bible, given a fake profile, like Onesimus and Stachys.

3) Fake people inserted into the bible times, like St. Veronica and Tobit.

4) Real and fake people contemporaneous with new testament times, falsely attributed with Orthodox doctrine.

5) Real and fake people outside post new testament era, falsely attributed with Orthodox doctrine.

6) People who were likely early examples of heretics who believed in sacerdotalism. 

7) Evil people who did exist, but whose lives were full of evil (falsely called saints) .

8) Various people who never even existed, but the story of whom is full of sin and forgery of history. (falsely called saints)

1) Saint Emperor Justinian - Commemorated on November 14 -  As you will see from this link, the Eastern Orthodox church call Emperor Justinian a saint! The man's reign was one of never ending battles, war, treachery against his allies (such as Tervel of Bulgaria) and he was eventually killed for his draconian rule, indeed his rule was one of cruelty and he was hated by his subjects. He had his nose cut off and was sent into exile people hated his rule so much. But he returned, defeated the usurpers and rebels, and had Leontios and Emperor Tiberius executed. He was no Christian, or a saint. He proves the Orthodox liars about their supposed pacifist beliefs,

​2) St Lucy (of Syracuse 283–304) fake - who pulled her own eyeballs out in order to discourage a persistent suitor who admired them. When her body was prepared for burial in the family mausoleum it was discovered that God had put her eyes back in.
All such stories are modified to please or appease each generation, yet sometimes advertised as traditions that cannot be in error.

3) Saint Mercius -  calendar day 25th November - the Archangel Michael gave him a second sword to fight battles, serving in the army under a pagan Emperor Decius (ruled 249-251). When the Berbers attacked Rome after several days of fighting, the Archangel Michael appeared to Mercurius holding a shining sword. The saint took the sword from the archangel, hence the name Abu-Seifein - "the holder of two swords": a military sword and a divine sword.[5] He conquered the Berbers. When Decius heard news of the triumphant victory, he named Mercurius as a prince.

4) St Christopher (died 251) - fake 9th May feast day.

Fake Saint who supposedly carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river, before the child revealed himself as Jesus Christ. Chosen as its a fake miracle they make millions from in gold merchandise, as described in Rev 18.

1) Saints -  can be prayed to, invoked, answer prayers, and act as intercessors between God and Man. This includes praying to Mary.

2) Saints who were simply evil (hope to give a list).
Alexander Perevest, - monk (evil monks next)
​3) The canonization of saints - when Romans chapter 1 says Christians are all called to be saints.

This title Equal-to-the-apostles is repeated by a phrase throughout the countries that have fallen for the lies of Orthodoxy: 
1) Greek: ἰσαπόστολος, isapóstolos; 
2) Latin: aequalis apostolis; 
3) Georgian: მოციქულთასწორი, motsikultastsori; 
3) Romanian: întocmai cu Apostolii
4) Russian: равноапостольный, ravnoapostol'nyj; 
5) Bulgarian and Serbian: равноапостолни, ravnoapostolni​​

4) An equal-to-the-apostles is a special title given to some saints in Eastern Orthodoxy as well as in Byzantine Catholicism. The title is bestowed as a recognition of these saints' outstanding service in the spreading and assertion of Christianity, comparable to that of the original apostles. 

Saints Equal to the Apostles

(many of these people were mass murderers)

Since I started exposing their long list of mass murderers the Orthodox have in their "List of saints Equal-to-the-Apostles" I notice long comprehensive lists of "Eastern Orthodox Saints-Equal-to-the-Apostles" have vanished online. I honestly believe the Eastern Orthodox church are trying to perform a cover-up of this rock solid proof they are a fake church, and are erasing the source of information from Orthodox websites so people cannot find out the massive number of murderers they have called "equal-to-the-apostles" who also forced people to convert, under threat of death, torture, imprisonment, slow death in prison, social ostracization, banishment, or being turned into refugees. In other words they are once again trying to literally rewrite History.

The following are a list I have seen them quote as "equal-to-the-apostles" and I am sure there are many more they are now hiding. I believe they are trying to eradicate the phrase "equal-to-the-apostles" to try to perform a cover-up that they are guilty like the Catholics of mass murder, and that they are lying when they claim to be pacifist. 

​​1) Abercius - Bishop of Hieropolis (2nd century)


2) St Apphia - the wife of Philemon


3) Boris I - of Bulgaria (died 907) (Baptism Michael) was the ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire in 852–889, involving himself in much bloodshed.


4) Cyril - Teacher of the Slavs, (827 – 869)


5) Constantine the Great .


6) Clement of Ochrid - Bishop of Greater Macedonia


7) Cosmas of Aetolia - (1714 – 1779) quote "One effect of his preaching was to transfer the holding of the weekly bazaar (fair) from Sunday to Saturday, which brought economic losses to Jews – barred by their religion from engaging in business on Sabbath."


8) Gregory - Bishop of Greater Armenia,


9) Helen / Helena - Emperor Constantine's mother. feast day May 21, She was no Christian. Constantine had his eldest son Crispus put to death by poison, and had his wife, the Empress Fausta; killed at the behest of his mother, Helena. Fausta was left to die in an over-heated bath. Their names were wiped from the face of many inscriptions and references to their lives in the literary record were erased. She is yet another example of how the Orthodox make up history, one minute she is the daughter of an innkeeper, the next Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed that she was a daughter of Briton King Coel, who married her off to Constantius Chlorus I to avoid more war between the Britons and Rome. 


10) Innocent of Alaska - (1797 – 1879)

11) St Innocent - Metropolitan of Moscow and Enlightener of the Aleuts, Apostle to the Americas


12) Mary Magdalene - (1st century)


13) Mirian III - of Iberia  (reigned with Rev II and Salome as co-rulers, 345–361)  first "Christian" Georgian monarch, contemporaneous to Constantine the Great. Before his conversion he partook in the Sassanid war against the Roman Empire. the female Christian missionary, Nino, supposedly converted Mirian III, his wife Nana and household into Christianity in or around 337. Despite the fact that the Chosroid dynasty Mirian III founded jumped in and out of alliance with Rome, and promoted Zoroastrianism, the Orthodox see Mirian III equal-to-the-apostles in stature, partly as the later invention of the Georgian alphabet, helped to promote Orthodox style Christianity.  

This struggle between swapping alliance between Byzantine and Roman influence and Iranian influence culminated in Vakhang I Gorgasali and the Armenian prince Vardan Mamikonian, going into open revolt against the Sassanids.   Vardan Mamikonian was an Armenian military leader, a martyr and a saint of the Armenian Church. He is best known for leading the Armenian army at the Battle of Avarayr in 451, which ultimately secured the Armenians' right to practice Orthodox style Christianity. If Vardan Mamikonian is a saint in Oriental Orthodoxy, does this prove they are not pacifist?

quote: "Salome died at an unknown date about 361, around the same time that her husband died. Salome, along with Perozhavra, are Saints in the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch and the Georgian Orthodox Church. Their feast day is on 15 January, the day following the commemoration of Saint Nino." Doesn't that mean that Mirian III had two wives simultaneously? Salome who is quoted as co-ruler with him, and Nana. How is polygyny Christian? Am I missing something here? Are some people online getting dates mixed up? Or was Salome also called Nana?

but quote: "According to the Georgian chronicles, Nana was "from a Greek territory, from Pontus, the daughter of Oligotos"[3] whom Mirian married after his first wife died (in 292 according to Cyril Toumanoff)." so someone has the dates wrong or Mirian III was committing Polygyny/ (I guess this shows wiki just cannot be trusted as "facts" ??? )

Mirian III, 284–361


14) Methodius - (815 – 885) Archbishop of Moravia, Enlightener of the Slavs


15) Nana - Empress of Georgia,


16) Nicholas of Japan (1836 – 1912)


17) Nino - (ca. 296 – ca. 338 or 340), female baptizer of the Georgians. .


18) Olga of Kiev - (ca. 890 – 969) a ruler of Kievan Rus' as regent (945–c. 963) for her son, Svyatoslav. She is known for her obliteration of the Drevlians, a tribe that had killed her husband Igor of Kiev.


19) Patrick - of Ireland - (5th century)


20) Photios I - of Constantinople (c. 820 – c. 891)


21) Photine - the Samaritan woman at the well (1st century)


22) Stephen I - of Hungary (969 – 1038)


23) Sava I - of Serbia (1175 – 1235) - Mount Athos Monasteries,


24) Thekla - (1st century) Saint Thecla is said by the Orthodox to be a "saint equal to the Apostles". It seems very likely none of the Apostles knew such a woman or her life. She appears in The Acts of Paul and Thecla is a 2nd-century text (supposedly circa AD 180) which forms part of the Acts of Paul but also circulated separately.

25) St Tikhon - Patriarch of Moscow and Apostle to America


26) Vladimir the Great (ca. 958 – 1015) (in Holy Baptism Basil,) was a prince of Novgorod, grand prince of Kiev, and ruler of Kievan Rus' from 980 to 1015. Vladimir converted to Christianity in 988, He was involved in much war and bloodshed before his conversion to Orthodoxy in 988, but In 992 he went on a campaign against the Croats, most likely the White Croats that lived on the border of modern Ukraine. This campaign was cut short by the attacks of the Pechenegs on and around Kiev.

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